Web Presence For The Small Business Owner

The Beginning

It started with an idea. After seeing so many small businesses without websites, I thought to myself "They could do so much more business if more people knew they were here."

So when I inquired why they don't have a website for their business, 90% of the time the answer was "it cost to much, and I can't afford that." The idea was born. Coming from an IT background I know what it cost to run websites on the internet. Alot of companies that run these businesses have alot of overhead, so they have to pass it on to there customers, which makes it so much more expensive.

The Idea

What if someone could do it CHEAPER!, What if I could do it myself, with help of a few associates. No overhead, just offer small businesses a product at a fair price that they can afford.

Who says you need all the bells and whistles.

What if you could get a basic website for about a dollar a day. I know it seems impossible but once the website is setup thats all it takes to maintain the site.

Here's an Example

Simple and to the point is our philosophy. When it comes to building websites.

Who Are We

CEO and Programmer
Roger Edwards - Computer Science Bachelors Degree
COO and Marketing
Christina Duby - Business and IT Degree
Design and Graphics
Nicholas Lopez-Edwards - Graphics Certification Adobe Photoshop

Company History

Econ Web Services
This company came together in 2015.
Websites Design
We've been working on website design since 2005
Received my Degree in 2002
Computer Child
I have used, built, and programmed computer since the age of 12